ADHD is magic. Sometimes, dark magic.
Distracted Magic: an ADHD fantasy fairy tale
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ADventures Heading up and Down is an ADHD fantasy novel.

A mom and her three t(w)eens, all ADHD, rebel against society’s expectations and find themselves in a fantastic ADHD wonderland, turning their own and others’ worlds upside down.

Stick around for updates on the book-in-progress, extracts, behind-the-scenes and more. Lovely to have you following and participating!

Growing Up with ADHD

Growing Up with ADHD

And how did you feel, growing up with ADHD?

"There it is once again; that vague feeling of uncontrol, that something-is-wrongness. Something Emma never could put into words, which led to her understanding there must be something terribly wrong with her. She did her best to conceal it, though she never knew exactly what it was she was trying to hide; but somehow it worked. To her amazement, nobody noticed and all thought she was but a regular girl, though terribly forgetful, somewhat irresponsible and certainly lacking a logical order of priority."

Writing with ADHD: Occupational Hazards

True story:
Writing with ADHD: Occupational Hazards

Editing my book, I found this note in my draft:
  • Optional scene:
  • [Description]
  • Alternatively:
  • I just had something good but forgot it.

The Point of Being Me

"'Why can't you be like everyone else just for once!'  But what's the point of being me, if I'm just like everyone else?"

"'Why can't you be like everyone else just for once!'
But what's the point of being me, if I'm just like everyone else?"

The Ant and the ADHD/ ADDED Grasshopper

Tom, Alice and George happened to witness the true events of the ant and ADDED, or ADHD, grasshopper.

Grasshopper spent the summer creating music, while Ant was busy collecting food in preparation for the winter.
Who has more food now that the winter is almost here? The hard-working, well-planned Ant, or is it the creative, spur-of-the moment Grasshopper?

* Is this a spoiler?

The Ant and the ADHD Grasshopper

The Ant and the ADHD Grasshopper

– Hey, Ant!

– Hey, Grasshopper! I was looking for you! I saw your show is coming up, good for you! Remember I saw you all summer long, when I was working hard collecting food for the winter, and you were singing and dancing?

– Yeah, Ant. You kept telling me I'll be hungry in the winter.

– We'll see… winter’s not here yet. I was looking for you for another reason. Do you happen to have some tickets left for your show?

– Tickets…? The ticket booth does! It’s right behind you!

– Oh, please, Grasshopper! I'm a working ant! And… I can pay you with some of the food I have been collecting throughout the summer!

– And I'm a working grasshopper… It was really hard work, creating this album. Worked on it all summer long, while you were busy collecting food, and it paid off!

– You mean… you do have food for the winter? All from selling your album and show tickets? And never collecting food?

– You know, Ant, creative creatures have a hard time doing a monotonous job, it's killing us from within! We must have some taste of adventure. The fact that you think it's laziness, well… maybe you don't know that hard work can be many things. It can also be very enjoyable. It's still hard work. Oh, look at the time, gotta run for my show!

Ant gazed at the direction to which Grasshopper hopped away. “Adventure?” she said in disbelief, “Who would ever want that?”

She stood there a while longer before going on her way, muttering “oh well… maybe I do have something to learn from Grasshopper”.

* Is this a spoiler?