ADHD is magic. Sometimes, dark magic.
Distracted Magic: an ADHD fantasy fairy tale
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ADventures Heading up and Down is an ADHD fantasy novel.

A mom and her three t(w)eens, all ADHD, rebel against society’s expectations and find themselves in a fantastic ADHD wonderland, turning their own and others’ worlds upside down.

Stick around for updates on the book-in-progress, extracts, behind-the-scenes and more. Lovely to have you following and participating!

ADHD Fantasy Writing Challenge - Day 23: Challenge Ends!

A red fire in a dark landscape, with a sunset above. Text: "ADHD fantasy: The fire within"

Inconsistency is ADHD's consistency: always expect the unexpected. Doesn't October have 31 days?... Indeed, but I'm ending my challenge today.

Why so? Two reasons: One, I think its goal is already achieved! Even if I wanted to quit writing now, I can't: I've already told all of you, 23 times by now, that I'll finish my novel. And finish I will, soon enough. Thank you, readers! 🤗

ADHD Fantasy Writing Challenge - Day 22: Border-Crossing Fantasy

An image of the moon with the quotation which follows in the text

My novel is a cross-world fantasy, which means it features two separate worlds: the one we all know, and my ADHD-fantastic, invented one.

It occurred to me that in a certain sense, life with ADHD is a cross-world reality: we live in the same "regular" world, but our brain operates in a different way on many levels.

ADHD Fantasy Writing Challenge - Day 21: When the Magic Doesn't Happen

A table with a lightbox with the words "Adventures Heading Up and Down"; headphones; twelve story cubes of two sorts; a bottle of water; a white pen; a dog crouching on a rug next to the table.

The ADHD magic (of which I told you yesterday) is really cool. But, like most things ADHD, it isn't up to me. Often it simply... isn't there.

What do I do then? After all, warming the chair isn't enough; I also need to write! Indeed, I have a few tricks to help summon this unwieldy magic. No, it doesn't always help, either. But worth a try.

ADHD Fantasy Writing Challenge - Day 20: The Magic of Thoughts

Two butterflies meet in a flowery bush

The title is the answer. Here is the question:
Where do ideas come from?
Ah. The big question.

The short answer is: I don't know, and I don't think anyone else does, even if they say they do.

ADHD Fantasy Writing Challenge - Day 19: Marketing with ADHD

Top: a dog curiously sniffing a kitten; bottom: the dog licking the kitten.

Self-publishing comes with self-marketing. That's a fact, I know that. I hate marketing. That's another fact I know. What I love is mostly creative stuff: writing is creative. So is designing. Well, branding is too. And copywriting... wait a minute...

ADHD Fantasy Writing Challenge - Day 18: ADHD Self-Publishing

A girl climbing a rocky terrain

As time progressed, and the novel with it, I began to consider publishing. The search "traditional vs. self-publishing" yields many pros and cons in both ends, but I had a strange feeling reading it.

Let me clear that up: I'm not a control freak. I have way too many decisions to make daily, monthly and lifely, and so am happy with any decision made for me. Except for really crucial ones. Like those related to things I create. The freedom in being my book's sole manager was simply too shiny to give up.