The Storm Within

We're running, doing our best to keep going. The wind is harsh, here and there throwing mud on our faces. I keep counting my kids, making sure all three keep up.

Around us our larger family, friends, acquaintances, strangers... all are walking peacefully, some smiling, waving at us, saying something. “What...?” I yell out, panting - “What did you say?” - “Nice day today, huh?” - comes the cheerful reply.

They’re not doing this on purpose. It really is a lovely day for them. They cannot see, let alone feel, the violent wind that we are constantly fighting. I can only imagine how awkward we must seem to them, always in the midst of a great, unjustified effort, our hair undone, not hearing them well despite the calm surroundings, shouting with no apparent need.

* Is this a spoiler?

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