This is my journey into indie publishing, writing ADHD fiction while living ADHD reality. I share excerpts, thoughts and ideas about ADventures Heading up and Down, my novel in progress. Up-and-down progress.

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My ADHD Fantasy Writing Challenge

I’m an Indie author writing ADHD fantasy. Is that even a thing? It is now. It’s fantasy that takes place inside the mind of someone you know. Possibly love. Maybe, yourself. And surely, yes, there’s a whole fantastic world out there, outside of our minds. 
It’s not easy writing a book with ADHD, not to mention full-time homeschooling (the free-choice kind, not the Covid-19 imposed one), two dogs, two cats, and laundry. 
I spent hundreds of hours learning about writing, publishing and what-have-you, but something was always missing: how to keep going. How to be consistent in an inconsistent life. 
You see, my brain makes its own choices. They rarely coincide with mine. Just knowing how much I want to see that book out there is nowhere near enough.
If the task at hand is not novel, challenging, exciting – it will fail to beat the countless novel, challenging and exciting stimuli which some call “distractions”, and I call life. And writing, and mostly editing, is often a repetitive, petty, frustrating task. 
Hence, I declare the forthcoming ADHD Awareness Month my Challenge Month: I will use you as my motivators! Each day, I will update here about my ADHD fantasy novel. In progress. Up-and-down progress. Being held accountable by you will hopefully prove to be a great motivator! 
You're welcome to encourage me in the process, as well as join my readers’ club members, for whom I’ve even written an exclusive ADHD fantasy fairytale! Read by signing up here
You are now my witnesses… ❤ See you next week!