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ADHD Fantasy Writing Challenge - Day 10: Decisions are a Tiny Death

A pigeon looking hesitantly down from the edge of a cliff. A sea and a remote boat are seen in the background.

Decisions are hard. All the more so with ADHD. Not only does it require holding a lot of information simultaneously in our working memory, it also calls for avoiding hyperfixation on the problem, rendering it too wide to deal with.

In fiction, as in life, each choice I make kills the other options. If the plot goes that way, it will never go the other way. But what might have happened? Once I choose a path - in fiction as in life - the others die. I'm not one to dwell on "what ifs", but getting to that point - making the choice - is agony. Physical stress. 

So, what should it be? Will I leave an open ending? Half-open? Tie everything up altogether? Sigh.