ADHD Fantasy Writing Challenge - Day 15: Halfway Through the Challenge!

A cat yawning, witting on a colorful notebook.

One of the hardest things for me, in any project, is the beginning. Actually starting to do something. It's a common ADHD problem: beginning a project means shifting from one state of mind - not doing it - to quite another: doing it, and that's... well, difficult.

It may sound strange, but no less difficult is... ending a project. It's no surprise, when one remembers that stopping to do something is quite a shift in itself.

Although it mostly doesn't feel that way to me, I'm actually much closer to ending my book than I'd like to. I mean, of course I'd love nothing more than to finally hold the finished book in my hand, or wave to it on my screen, but actually going through the finishing process? Ugh.

That's where I am today: one of my editors has already commented on my new outline, as you can see in the image. Literally *on* the outline. He doesn't seem very pleased. It isn't quite finished, though; will hopefully be by next week! 🥳

As for the manuscript, seems like about 75% only requires plausible editing, and the rest - a deep rewriting. Not bad for half a challenge time! 😊

P.S. Can't wait for the novel? Read the short prequel!