ADHD Fantasy Writing Challenge - Day 17: Plotter? Pantser? ADHD'er!

Two bundles of papers, one titled "Book Outline", the second "Chapter 1" added in handwriting

Society likes to label and compartment. As a philosopher, I actually agree that fine distinctions are crucial, as long as one remembers what has been confined may sometimes need to be set free.

In writing, it is common to differentiate between plotters, who begin by setting a metaphoric roadmap of their plot, and only then begin writing; and pantsers, who jump right into the story, developing it as they go.
As always, I don't fit into any category. The image features my earlier outline and manuscript. Yes, they're almost the same size. They're also almost the same mess of written bits, ideas, notes and plans mish-mashed together in no particular order.

I tried to be a pantser, but my mind jumped back and forth and forced me to plan ahead, or all of these ideas would be lost. I tried to plan ahead, but my mind jumped sideways and refused to work by order.

After a lot of effort, I was saved by switching to work by scenes. I now have about 80 scenes, each containing both story and notes, which allows me to rearrange them as I wish, and create a manageable outline by summarizing each.

So now, back to editing! In no particular order, obviously.

P.S. Until the editing is all done, read my ADHD fantasy fairy tale for free!