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ADHD Fantasy Writing Challenge - Day 2: Monster Ideas

Two dogs running and the words 'ideas running wild'; two dogs with entangled leashes and the words 'may become a little messy'

I get a lot of ideas. My thoughts have their own way of controlling me, simultaneously flooding my mind, drowning me in it. As they each go about their business, strolling in different paths throughout my overwhelmed mind, they suddenly collide, birthing a new idea! 

They are usually born harmless. Tiny ideas full of potential, though way too many for me to implement. Some seem too good to pass up. I start considering them, and before I know it, they turn into monsters. 

It's not their fault. They seem so nice, so I nurture them, feed them, and suddenly, that cute paint box craft idea inflates into a complete rearrangements of the study room. Often, that's the end of it. Sometimes it's the beginning of sleepless days or weeks, finishing the project at all costs. 

I suspect my novel exhibits a bit of that syndrome. It features more than one main character. Uh... four, to be exact, each with their subplot. It has two worlds, being a cross-world fantasy. Its fantastic world is vast and unique. 

All of these elements may grow a little wild sometimes. I suspect that's how I found out today that the whole party, in a specific scene, did not so much as meet so far. I may have had to listen to "edit in order." Problem is, my mind doesn't work in any order known to mankind. 

I'm not certain this will be the center of my work tomorrow... anything might happen until then! Until the book is ready, read my ADHD fantasy fairytale, Distracted Magic, for free!