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ADHD Fantasy Writing Challenge - Day 20: The Magic of Thoughts

Two butterflies meet in a flowery bush

The title is the answer. Here is the question:
Where do ideas come from?
Ah. The big question.

The short answer is: I don't know, and I don't think anyone else does, even if they say they do.

The longer answer: I believe it's one of these happy occasions where ADHD makes things much easier for me, because I am a magician of thoughts.

What do I mean? – easy enough: see this idea here? – Poof! Vanished, as brilliant as it may have been, simply by my not putting any special effort into keeping it in place!

Seriously though, I have another trick. I may seem to be sitting quietly, working on my computer, reading a book or petting my cat or dog; but in fact I'm battling a fierce storm. You may not see it; I don't either, but I feel it strongly – inside my head.

Myriads of ideas stroll in there simultaneously, each minding their own business; but occasionally, two of them collide! This is a magical moment. "I could use some more chocolate" and "what does the cat want this time" may not be very impressive in themselves, but their collision can yield new, unexpected ideas, having nothing to do neither with cats nor with chocolate.

I happen to have a great example for this right now!
Oh wait…
Sorry. Just slipped my mind.