ADHD Fantasy Writing Challenge - Day 21: When the Magic Doesn't Happen

A table with a lightbox with the words "Adventures Heading Up and Down"; headphones; twelve story cubes of two sorts; a bottle of water; a white pen; a dog crouching on a rug next to the table.

The ADHD magic (of which I told you yesterday) is really cool. But, like most things ADHD, it isn't up to me. Often it simply... isn't there.

What do I do then? After all, warming the chair isn't enough; I also need to write! Indeed, I have a few tricks to help summon this unwieldy magic. No, it doesn't always help, either. But worth a try.

This lovely lightbox with the name of my novel, which I already showed you in Day 1, works beautifully with a dim white light around the table. Music can help get me in the right mood for the scene. This specific pen is my favorite for gnawing on or playing with. I usually drink water, but occasionally coffee is in place.

Notice a pattern? That's right! Triggering the senses helps a great deal in triggering the ADHD mind. Movement, too, but there's a catch: one needs to actually move in order to do that. Hmm. My solution: playing with the dogs!

And what about the mind? Is there no intellectual trick? There is one: these cute story cubes help throw my thoughts into unexpected directions and connections, which is what makes any story interesting.

What about inspiration, you ask? Good point. I love this quote, which is attributed to Pablo Picasso:
"Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working."
I do my best.
Test me!