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ADHD Fantasy Writing Challenge - Day 23: Challenge Ends!

A red fire in a dark landscape, with a sunset above. Text: "ADHD fantasy: The fire within"

Inconsistency is ADHD's consistency: always expect the unexpected. Doesn't October have 31 days?... Indeed, but I'm ending my challenge today.

Why so? Two reasons: One, I think its goal is already achieved! Even if I wanted to quit writing now, I can't: I've already told all of you, 23 times by now, that I'll finish my novel. And finish I will, soon enough. Thank you, readers! 🤗

Second reason: I really had fun preparing the entries for this challenge. Perhaps too much fun. I wonder if a better use for this time might be to... write and edit my novel, maybe? 😉

One of the most important things I've learned through a lifetime of living with ADHD is to differentiate good advice from bad. People will often tell you how important resilience is, and that you can't just quit what doesn't suit you. Isn't that good advice?

Depends. It is good to be able to pull through hardships when there is no choice. Other times, it's important to let yourself try many things, in order to pursue only those that are absolutely worth it. Especially when you have an ADHD-y tendency to jump around.

In fact, I think jumping around is a great thing, which allows us to try many more things than persevering with a few does. It's important to know how to finish things, but not less important to know when to quit, and stop wasting time and effort.

I wrote a lot for simply saying "it's been fun, but that's it," huh? I hope some of you enjoyed it too, and glad I've had my share of contributing to #ADHDawarenessmonth!

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