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ADHD Fantasy Writing Challenge - Day 3: I'm Writing in the Rain

A waterproof notepad with a smiley drawn on it, and a pencil, both hanging on a shower wall

Well, the raining shower. 
I only write well early in the morning, when the house still sleeps. Later in the day comes homeschooling, after which I'm free to do stuff requiring lesser concentration, like researching or typing my hand-written notes. 

Wait, you ask, what century is this again? Well, even before the early morning, comes shower time: that sanctuary of clarity, when I can almost see my mind's mist clearing, the clouds fading, a new emptiness forming which suddenly allows me to think clearly and undistractedly. 

Of course, I also need to remember all the great insights and ideas gained in the shower. This is where the waterproof pad in the image comes in handy: all that's left is scribble everything down before a blind goes over my mind and covers everything forever. 

The result is dozens of little paper notes accumulated on my desk, waiting for me to type them into my novel's file. What better time than the weekend? 

The best part? - re-reading them sparks my imagination again, and forms a fun creative circle. 

Until I finish my challenge, and later the book - read my ADHD fantasy fairytale, Distracted Magic, written exclusively for my readers' club members. Why don't you join them?