ADHD Fantasy Writing Challenge - Day 4: What is ADHD Fantasy, Anyway?

Three kids standing or leaning on tall palm trees. Blue mountains are seen behind them. Text: 'What is… ADHD fantasy?'

Somebody asked me: What does ADHD fantasy even mean? I've never seen this category on Amazon! 
Well... That's easy. It's because I made it up. I guess nobody wrote it before me!

It's not just my fantasy's main characters who have ADHD. It's the fantasy world and the plot, too! You can get a tiny glimpse of it in my free story, Distracted Magic

I thought I'd tell you a little more about it, it being Sunday and all, but then had a better idea: why don't you tell me what comes to your mind by the words "ADHD fantasy"? What would you expect to read in an ADHD fantasy? 

I can't tell you how happy you'll make me by sending in your replies. So, what is "ADHD fantasy"? Over to you!