ADHD Fantasy Writing Challenge - Day 6: Jackpot! Hyperfocus Day

A girl jumping on a trampoline, arms stretched to her sides, legs folded to one side, smiling gleefully

If you know anything about ADHD, you probably know it has to do with lack of focus. Right? Wrong. 
It has to do with difficulty regulating focus. Have you ever had a full conversation with someone with ADHD, only to realize later they were responding on "auto pilot", not listening to a word you (or them) said? We don't mean bad. We were just hyperfocusing: too deeply focused on whatever it is we're doing for anything to penetrate our mind. 

Given a choice, I would work on a single project continuously. No everyday tasks, laundry, eating or going to the toilet. Unfortunately, not only is this not always feasible, it is also not my choice. I can't control my focus, remember? Thus, having a hyperfocused day like today is like winning the jackpot. I have gone over and revamped a fair chunk of plotting today, wrote a new Medium post (not yet finished, but check out my page anyway), updated you on the state of my challenge, and the evening is still before me. 

Long live hyperfocus! (Sadly, it will probably die by tomorrow. But only until next time!)