This is my journey into indie publishing, writing ADHD fiction while living ADHD reality. I share excerpts, thoughts and ideas about ADventures Heading up and Down, my novel in progress. Up-and-down progress.

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Creating the ADHD Magic ✨

A desk with an open laptop, papers, cat, reading glasses, lightbox, candle, water bottle.

I wrote here before about the magic of thoughts, for which I have my ADHD to thank. And thank it I do; I couldn't write without it!

Unfortunately, there is no way to summon that magic, but certain ingredients may help inspire it. I thought I'd let you in on some of these magic ingredients.

The starting position is not promising: writing on the family’s living room table may not be the best creativity spark. To help, I pull myself early from bed, hours before my family does, creating myself some quiet time with four napping cats and dogs.

I add to the daybreak but dim lighting, and a color-changing lightbox with my novel’s name on it. To help myself gain and maintain focus, I keep notes with crucial reminders for where I’m at and where I need to be in terms of plot, characters, editing etc.

I invigorate further senses with a scented candle (book’s aroma!) and my favorite pen to gnaw on. Music when appropriate and cool water complete the atmosphere.

The result I strive for is an enchanted feeling, which perfectly fits my writing; but sometimes the effect is more literal, as when I introduced a color-changing character inspired by the lightbox.

When the magic is working, no wonder I call it #ADDEDnotADHD! can you relate?