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This is not a bookcase.

a bookcase with the text: this is not a bookcase.

This is not a bookcase. This is an ADHDvictory. 😎 

This seemingly innocent bookcase has been hiding behind heaps of stuff for weeks, until I finally cleared it all... in half an hour. 

"Really," you say, "you let it stand for weeks over this half hour?!" Except, it never would have taken half an hour before that exact moment! My brain had to reach a very specific state of mind for that. 

Next time someone with ADHD avoids doing something they can do in a short time, know they actually can't. Until the moment comes. You may be able to help create that moment by seeding that thought! "I bet you can do this in thirty minutes, huge as it looks. I wonder when your brain may surprise you into doing it." 

And if it's yourself... know that you really can't until the moment comes, and stop feeling guilty! 

Now I have a clear view of that bookcase when I sit down to write my ADHD fantasy... 😉