This is my journey into indie publishing, writing ADHD fiction while living ADHD reality. I share excerpts, thoughts and ideas about ADventures Heading up and Down, my novel in progress. Up-and-down progress.

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Happy Halloween! ADHD Horror 🎃

quote from my book, same one appearing in the body of the post.

What was your most scary ADHD moment?
For me, losing track of reality due to hyperfocus carried quite a bit of horror as a child.

... No, I did not "outgrow" it. It still happens; I just got used to it!

“You’re alone? And didn’t know that?” Her aunt laughed. “Do you really live on the moon, Emma?

“No, I… I just came in.” The lie flew by itself. “Didn’t know they weren’t home.”

So long, peacefulness. Where were her parents? Were they here before? When was before? She has not just come in. She’s been here for a while, reading; it might have been hours.