This is my journey into indie publishing, writing ADHD fiction while living ADHD reality. I share excerpts, thoughts and ideas about ADventures Heading up and Down, my novel in progress. Up-and-down progress.

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ADHD Fantasy Writing Challenge - Day 1: All or nothing

A gif of a desk with an open laptop and a lightbox with the words "ADVENTURES HEADING UP AND DOWN" over changing colors.

This morning, like every morning, dawned with doubts. Will this be a nothing-can-stop-me day? A "there's nothing I can't do, so let's just do it" day? Or rather a why-should-I-bother day? I set up daily goals' lists too presumptuous for a month, so why bother when failure is guaranteed? 
Nope... no option in between. An all-or-nothing brain produces all-or-nothing days.

So, now that the day's ending, how was it? - Mostly like this gif with my book's title - ADventures Heading up and Down: colorful, animated and turbulent. I planned to carefully look into 1 or 2 scenes, and ended up rushing over 40. I imagined a slow, deep edit and found myself sketching tables of half the plot. It's still helpful, surely, but difficult to judge whether I've met my goal. Or how long it might be before I'm finished. 

Optimist note for tomorrow: I love colorful. And animated. And turbulent. It's what my plot looks like, too. I wonder if tomorrow I might finish the second half of the table; deep edit a scene; do something entirely different, or... nothing at all. Will keep you posted! 

Until the book is ready, read my ADHD fantasy fairytale, Distracted Magic, for free!