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ADHD Fantasy Writing Challenge - Day 14: Is Society Only as Good as Its Schools?

Image of a toy school building, and the opening text of the post

We could never imagine a better society, if anyone capable of new ideas were to sit still, be quiet and concentrate!

(Did I mention I homeschool my kids?...)

How is this related to my ADHD fantasy writing challenge? Two ways:

1. School life is a major problem for way too many people with ADHD. For my teen main characters, too, and thus for their mom, as well.

2. Outside school, many people with ADHD flourish. The reason is stupefyingly simple: life is infinitely more diverse than the school system. Realizing this is, in fact, the beginning of my characters' wondrous journey.

Here is to anyone who has ever suffered in school due to having ADHD. Remember that life is still difficult outside it, but the choices are much vaster. Keep your mind open, and stay true to yourself! ❤️

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