This is my journey into indie publishing, writing ADHD fiction while living ADHD reality. I share excerpts, thoughts and ideas about ADventures Heading up and Down, my novel in progress. Up-and-down progress.

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ADHD Fantasy Writing Challenge - Day 5: ADHD Fantasy

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So, what is ADHD fantasy? Here's a tiny hint, from "Distracted Magic" - a short prequel to my novel. Read it for free here.

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"Just concentrate," said Ant. "Give it your best effort.”
Kay closed her eyes and covered her ears, just concentrating and giving it her best effort. Bubbles flooded her mind. Whenever a bubble popped, it spilled out a thought which spread all over Kay’s head. The muddle became too much to bear. She envisioned guards at her mind’s gates, preventing any unrelated thoughts from entering. Some of these thoughts argued, and wouldn’t be stopped. They pounded on her mind’s gates, making her head ache.