Is this a spoiler?

Short answer:
No. It may or may not be part of the book.
You can try and guess in the comments!

Longer answer:
The book is still in progress, which means it is still changing. Therefore, any excerpts you read in the blog may vary significantly from what you eventually read in the finished book.

It also means I wrote many parts which I later decided to delete. Some of them I still think are good, but do not belong in the finished book. You may read some of these in the blog (without knowing whether these are deleted parts or not).

Lastly, even before beginning to write, I captured some initial story ideas in video form, since I was lucky enough to have my kids agree to participate in them. Some bits of that I share here, and again, you won't know which end up in the book and which don't... until you hold the finished book in your hands (or screen). This is a moment I keep seeing in my dreams!